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'SIMPLICITY WITH INTRICACY' allows Miriam Jewels to stand alone in the handcrafted wire crochet jewelry industry!

Brazilian artist, Miriam Chor Freitas, the force behind Miriam Jewels, came to the United States bringing with her two generations of family tradition in the jewelry trade. Despite her artistic inclinations, she first pursued a meaningful career in child welfare; before talent and creativity took over and Miriam Jewels was born.


Miriam's eclectic jewelry collections represent the various aspects of her heritage. The vivaciousness of Brazil, the laid-back California style, the influence of artisan cultures and the classic style of fine jewelry; different aspects that blended together became Miriam Jewels.


"We are a unique jewelry studio specialized in handmade wire crochet  jewelry. We combine several techniques of metal weaving with crystals, precious and semi-precious stones to create beautiful and unique pieces of wearable art that will complement the outer beauty of every woman and empower their inner beauty as well.


The highlight of our work is a flawless crochet technique that I learned in Peru.  It creates perfectly symmetrical stitches that result in amazing eye-catching wire jewelry designs.  There is olny a hand full of people who can do this work in the United States."  -  Miriam Chor Freitas


Miriam has adopted California for the past 22 years and lives in Poway with her two daughters, who are her true inspiration. Currently Miriam Jewels’ wire crochet jewelry collections are available at this site as well as exclusive boutiques, fine jewelry stores, galleries, catalogs and private consultations.
At Miriam Jewels we also believe in the mystical power of metals, stones, and crystals. For thousands of years, metals, stones, and crystals have been used for healing, protection, and personal adornment; their uses cross time and cultural boundaries and brings us closer to the powers of “Mother Earth.” This is especially true for Peruvian jewelry, an art that dates back centuries.

We hope that you will enjoy our site and find original, unique and beautiful crochet jewelry that will inspire you to look and feel your best!

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